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Welcome to King's Sutton Primary Academy


Our Aim

At King's Sutton Primary Academy our aim is to ensure that all children have a happy start to their schooling experience. Staff have a friendly and caring approach and we hope this will help both you and your child settle in to our school life. Naturally, we ask for your support and interest throughout your child's school life as, by working together, our children are more likely to succeed in filling their potential. We are committed to the ideal of a partnership in education between home and school and, to this end, prospective parents are warmly invited to visit our school and meet not only myself but my staff and our pupils too. We would also welcome you to you to approach any member of staff with regards to any concerns you may have. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school 'family'.


School Ethos and Values


I have always believed that Primary education is a critical stage in a child’s education – as it shapes them for life. As well as giving them the essential tools for learning, Primary education is about children experiencing the joy of discovery, problem solving, creativity and the chance to develop their self-confidence as learners whilst also allowing them to mature socially and emotionally. Excellent teaching gives children the life chances they deserve and I feel enjoyment is the birthright of every child. The most powerful mix is the one that brings the two together. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged – but what excites and engages them best is truly excellent teaching. It is this, that the current staff and I are endeavouring to deliver. To do this we are making sure that we continue to build on the excellent progress the school has made year on year by establishing what the learners already know and taking this further. We are continuing to raise standards in learning and achievement by structuring and pacing the learning experiences to make them even more challenging and enjoyable and are developing an exciting and creative curriculum by making individuals active partners in their learning. This enables them to develop their learning skills and personal qualities and enables us to build a school culture and curriculum which takes into account the richness and diversity of the school’s communities. By doing so, we are promoting positive strategies for challenging prejudice. We continue to strive for excellence in all areas of the school by setting high standards and expectations, giving every learner the confidence and motivation in order to succeed in being ‘the best that I can be.’ We are developing the school more as a focal point for the community by enhancing the value of the school to the wider community (including parents and carers and other schools.) We hope that by involving the community, we will be enriching the learning experiences,  our children require to  thrive. We shall continue to collaborate with other agencies and with parents and carers to ensure our pupils’ well-being and improve their achievement and personal development.'


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Nick Peters, Headteacher



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